Chestnut Bounty Attractant

At DBW Outdoors, we have avoided the bandwagon supplement “craze” that has overrun the wildlife industry over the past 10 years.  Why?  Because we knew like many of you know that all of these products were mostly stabilized rice bran with a tiny bit of the acorns, apples, beets, carrots, or other advertised attractant mixed in – sold for an average of $15 for a small bag.  The primary attractant was the rice bran that could be bought for less than $20 in a 50 pound bag!  For that very reason, DBW Outdoors has not offered an attractant until now.

tecomateOur trusted friends at Tecomate Wildlife who we have done business with for 10 years approached us with a new attractant product made out of chestnuts called Tecomate Chestnut Bounty.  Many years ago, we were members of a foundation that was working to re-establish American Chestnut from the blight that had killed all of them back in the 1920′s.  We knew of the immense wildlife value and magic attraction that chestnut had to whitetail deer.  Why are chestnuts more attractive than acorns?  The absence of tannins which makes acorns more bitter.  Deer know where to go for the best tasting foods and Tecomate Chestnut Bounty is at the top of the list!

Tecomate went one step further than any other product out there – they combined their trademarked encapsulated Horns-A-Plenty vitamins and minerals with Tecomate Chestnut Bounty to create a product that will not only attract deer to your property or specific hunting stand location but will also provide supplements to improve herd health and get your deer through the rutting season in better shape which can reduce mortality and malnutrition caused by rutting.  Create strategic licks around your property before the season by scratching away the leaves in a 6 foot diameter circle and pour Tecomate Chestnut Bounty in the middle.  If your state laws allow, create licks in front of your hunting stand 1 month prior to the hunting season and re-fresh them once per week during the season when you go in to your stand to hunt .  Remember to minimize your scent!chestnuts

Another “craze” that is happening in the wildlife industry is the planting of chestnut trees for attraction.  While we certainly don’t believe there is anything wrong with planting mast trees, it takes many years for them to produce chestnuts and growing them is often made tremendously difficult and expensive due to drought and insects.  Not only that but there are serious concerns about the pounds of nuts that a chestnut can produce – and planting acres of them is immensely expensive – not to mention pinpointing the best hunting stand site becomes difficult  You can create your own chestnut attraction sites strategically just by using Tecomate Chestnut Bounty – make the magic attraction of chestnut work for you!

Do your homework before purchasing a chestnut attractant product.  The product we sell weighs 12.5 pounds and price is $19.99 and includes not only the Tecomate Chestnut Bounty but also the Tecomate Horns-A-Plenty supplements.  We have seen other chestnut products out there that retail for close to $20 in a 5 pound bag without any supplements that aid herd health.  We’ve got over twice the product weight for the same price!  Combine up to 5 bags in a single UPS box to save on shipping.  Give us a call at 888-917-4637 to order today.