Soil Amendments

Antler Dirt

Picture of Antler Dirt in the composting process

Click on picture to see video of making of Antler Dirt on Growing Deer TV website. Select video titled "Big Antlers start in the dirt"

Antler Dirt is a humified compost product that is combined with poultry litter, lime, and minerals in a formulation specifically designed to increase antler growth through healthier food plot soil and proper nutrient uptake in food plot forages.   The humified compost in Antler Dirt contains high microbial activity (called “life”) that enables proper nutrient utilization and the movement of nutrients in the root zone.

Antler Dirt builds the soil to increase moisture retention and aerates the soil while building organic matter levels all at the same time.  Application rate of Antler Dirt is 1 to 2 tons per acre per year.  For the first year, the recommended rate is 2 tons per acre.   Antler Dirt must be spread with a lime spreader or chicken litter spreader – preferably with a bar chain instead of a mesh chain.

You do not have to add any commercial fertilizer to Antler Dirt - there is plenty of NPK to give your food plots all the nutrients they need to grow better than you’ve ever seen.  We do recommend however to add additional lime to your food plots according to your soil samples.  DBW Outdoors is the dealer of Antler Dirt in the Southeast and is currently sold in 22 ton dump loads only.   Send an email to or call 888-917-4637 to get a freight quote to your location.


I’ve gained access to a registered by-product soil amendment that has done some amazing things in my own food plots this past fall and I’m now offering it to my clients.  This amendment has been used by row crop farmers, hay farmers, and food plotters extensively with the same success as I found myself.  See some pictures below of a fall food plot in February – notice the height of the oats – and there is heavy browsing evidence and many, many tracks in this plot:

Click here for a flier:

The amendment is delivered in 16 or 22 ton dump loads in bulk.  It has similar consistency to bulk ag lime and is spread out of an ag lime spreader.  It cannot be spread out of a fertilizer buggy with a more narrow chain.

The amendment contains:

  1. Perlite
  2. Chopped up newsprint (organic matter)
  3. Calcium carbonate (lime)
  4. Gypsum (raises pH also)
  5. Varying levels of macro (NPK) and micro-nutrients (many from the kaolin clay)

The Perlite in this amendment is a big key to the product.  Perlite is capable of holding many times its own weight in water which is a major need in Southern food plots.  Perlite has been used extensively in the horticultural growing business but the reason it has not been used extensively in the agriculture business is because of cost.  With a typical ton of this amendment containing 500 pounds of Perlite, this product is a very, very cheap source of a powerful soil additive.  Perlite can also hold nutrients like nitrogen and release it slower which increases food plot performance.

The chopped up newsprint is a GREAT way to build up sandy soils and that is one of the reasons why the recommendation is twice per acre (4 tons) versus clay soils (2 tons).  This chopped up newsprint will hold up nutrients and eventually decompose into usable nutrients.  The amounts of lime, macro-nutrients, and micro-nutrients vary some in this product but all contribute to food plot growth.  The value of all the ingredients in this amendment is many times over the delivered price but as a by-product can be offered very inexpensively.

One thing to consider is using this amendment when disking thinned rows in pine plantations to grow large amounts of high protein native browse.  Because it has lime in it, you can improve soil pH in this type of application while spreading in one pass.  The cost is much lower than other conventional fertilization methods.

This product is shipped in bulk out of middle Georgia and can be delivered economically in the sandy soil regions of south Georgia and south Alabama.  Price is dependent upon fuel prices at the time of required delivery so please call 888-917-4637 to get a timely, accurate quote. Please note that the minimum is 2 loads delivered.