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DBW Outdoors is your complete source of all the very best tools for your wildlife property.  Whether your goal is harvesting trophy class bucks or just seeing more deer on your food plots, DBW Outdoors can help you meet that goal with strategies and products that come from years of research, testing, experience, and networking with the top professionals in the deer management industry.

What we offer (click on each product name for more information):

1) The very best food plot seed - Tecomate, Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans, Eagle Seed Broadside Fall Mix, Buck Forage Oats, and Forage Radishes.

2) BioGreen liquid food plot fertilizer – save up to 25-50% on fertilizer cost and reduce lime requirements.

3) A complete line of Herbicides for your property and the only 24/7 customer service in the country.

4) 7-Way Insecticide - the only organic insecticide available to the wildlife market.

5) RackVantage plant stimulant which is the lowest cost stimulant product on the market.

6) ANTLER BOOST supplemental deer feed to maximize nutrition – available for delivery in every state!

7) Consulting Services
To get the latest prices and products when they come out, please send me an email to dbwoutdoors@yahoo.com and tell me your name and what state you are from.  This will get you on the mailing list – I only send out 6-8 emails per year.  There is nothing more irritating to me than companies constantly sending out emails – you will only get important updates from me.  I’ve had lots of new clients miss out on ordering seed because it’s sold out and they would have been updated had they gotten on the email list.  Don’t miss out!

Please feel free to call Don at 888-917-4637 to discuss any of these products and services as well as pricing.  We can ship our products anywhere in the continental United States.  My experience goes well beyond these topics in hunting property management so call me with any questions – if I don’t have the solution I probably know somebody that can help you.

I do nutritional presentations on food plot seed and supplemental deer feed to groups of landowners/hunting clubs, property co-ops, and QDMA clubs in the Southeast for free.  I will travel outside the Southeast for normal consulting rates. Please call to get a meeting setup!

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