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Black Belt WildlifeBlack Belt Wildlife Supply is a local Hurtsboro, AL business started in January 2015 by Don Willis, the founder of DBW Outdoors LLC and his partner in Antler Boost LLC, Abel Eubanks. Don and Abel came to Hurtsboro to lease farming ground to produce products for Antler Boost. They quickly realized that the area had a large number of wildlife properties with a demand for not only the products that DBW Outdoors has provided to similar wildlife properties all over the South but also could rent Antler Boost’s farming equipment – farm equipment that is rarely available to wildlife properties. Hurtsboro was a perfect place to form a local company that Don had dreamed of doing for years – Black Belt Wildlife Supply.

As mentioned, Black Belt Wildlife Supply has all of the feed, seed, fertilizer, herbicide, protein feeder, and hunting stand products that have been available from DBW Outdoors since 2008 and most can be seen on the other pages of this website – please look around and give us a call if you have any questions on these products. If we don’t regularly stock a product you want just ask – we can most likely get it.

Black Belt Wildlife Tractor

In addition, Black Belt will provide Chicken Litter, Ag Lime, and Fish Feed – all products that we have never offered previously. Chicken Litter and Ag Lime will only be sold in 25+ ton truckloads and we will provide a spreader to use for those two bulk products as seen in the picture to the right. Chicken Litter is a very inexpensive way to build fertilizer levels up when you can then convert to liquid fertilizer which is also lower cost than conventional granular fertilizer. Black Belt Wildlife will also come to your property and spread litter or lime for an additional fee. We also help you analyze your soil samples and make sure you aren’t over or under fertilizing/liming.

Black Belt Wildlife Tractor
Black Belt Wildlife will also perform or contract out (if we know somebody that can do it better than we can) wildlife property services for the surrounding areas in east Alabama and west Georgia. These services include pond management, coyote trapping, food plot planting, food plot construction, property layout, deer/fish protein feeder filling, wild hog eradication, shooting house/ladder stand installation, and herbicide/liquid fertilizer spraying. Black Belt has a smaller Ag spray unit with retractable booms that we use to spray customer plots as pictured in the video below.
One of the most exciting things that Black Belt Wildlife offers is the use of our 7-foot pull type Sukup No-Till drill. No-till is a very powerful tool especially for Fall plantings in the South when moisture is scarce – no-till helps hold moisture for newly planted seed to grow. The drill can be rented on a daily or per acre basis. The drill is pictured to the right. We are also going to soon be adding a liquid fertilizer tank to the no-till so you can plant and fertilize all in one tractor pass – huge time savings!
Black Belt Wildlife Supply is always open to new ideas for products or services so please feel free to ask if it’s not listed on this website. Our warehouse is located at 45 Industrial Blvd – the last street in Hurtsboro headed south on County Road 49 towards Spring Hill & Rutherford - our sign is at the junction of Industrial and County Road 49. We only keep staff on site daily during the months of April and September – the primary planting months and busiest times of the year. If you need products or services outside of those two months, please call us at 334-357-4744 – we can be there in minutes to take care of what you need. Thanks for your business!