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Consulting Services

I can come directly to your property and work with you to develop strategies to improve deer nutrition on your property as well as other goals you would like to accomplish in terms of deer management.  As I stated on my home page, if I don’t know how to handle your objective, I probably know someone that can. Some more detail on my consulting services:

Some properties the answers are simple as to where food plots can be located and how many are needed.  Other properties require some good strategy to accomplish your goals.   Shape of food plots can be as important as location – a major consideration is deer behavior in the grand scheme of things.  I can help you figure out what to do and why you should do it.

Forage selection is not only important for nutritional principles but also to influence deer behavior.  Some plots need certain forages for attraction while others might need forages for nutrition only – there are plots that need both!  Let me help develop a plan that fits your property.

Fuel costs are a major issue in today’s economy.  A lot of my new clients waste money on this important facet of food plot management due to lack of knowledge about the forages and when to do what.  Save some time and money by developing a plan with some key indicators about what should be done when – timing is often the key to most things in food plot management success!

What I’ve found is that local resources are going to sell you whatever they have available and often at a price that is way too high.  I’ve developed several sources for herbicide that can save you money.  In addition, there are certain herbicides that cost less per acre to apply even though up-front costs appear higher but in the long run save you money.

This is the one area where I save my clients the most amount of money on a routine basis.  I’ve found that many clients do not sample often enough and when they do they don’t sample properly or have the experience to analyze the results effectively.  There are things that the soil labs simply do not tell you that come with the right experience and exposure which I have been fortunate enough to learn through experiences of my own.  These experiences allow me to save my clients money on fertilizer – usually enough to cover the cost of their seed through accurate fertilizer recommendations based on current fertilizer costs.  I follow the fertilizer markets closely to give sound advice.  One thing to note is that I offer this consulting service FREE to all my seed customers for each planting season that they order seed from me!

The variables in a total nutritional program are many and every property and resource situation is different.  There is no cookie cutter solution and I can help you way out all of the variables to come up with a situation that feeds your needs and resources.  Balancing food plots, natural browse, and supplemental feeding programs is not necessarily an easy answer.

One of the most over-looked parts of a management plan is natural browse.  There are certain browse species that provide tremendous nutritional value that are much less known.  In addition, natural browse fertilization is also normally very expensive – I have some lower cost alternatives to fertilization that make this part of the nutritional program much more economical, attractive, and effective.

The prettiest food plots don’t always mean the most effective.  I can help you figure out what kind of use your plots are getting and how to increase the use of them.  Many times it goes back to soil analysis and what’s in the soil while other times it’s simply deer behavior that must be analyzed.

Not all deer feeds are created equal and way too often they are not manufactured consistently – especially critical fat levels that deer need for energy in stress periods.  I can help you send your feed off to an independent testing lab and interpret the results for you.  The analysis results often provide the answer to low deer consumption and low feed performance.  I can help you set up a feed testing program to monitor your expensive investment.

Feeders are a major influencer of deer behavior and negative results can arise if feeders are not placed in the correct and necessary locations.  This behavior must be monitored over time and I can help you develop a plan to avoid negative results.

After all of the investment in nutrition and hard work that goes along with growing bigger deer, the last thing you need is human behavior to negatively influence deer sightings.  Let me help you develop a plan that avoids this roadblock to harvest success.  I’ve been exposed to some of the more innovative as well as common sense approaches to hunter management.

The best bedding areas are often ones that are developed and placed strategically on your property rather than relying solely on mother nature.  There are bedding area construction materials and plantings that can influence fawn survival rate and influence deer behavior.

Want to see more bucks more often on your property? Then you have to dictate where they travel – it may seem like a difficult solution but it’s not as hard as you might imagine.  With the right strategy and techniques you can see more bucks on your property especially during the rut when they are no longer nocturnal – maximize that opportunity!

There are assistance programs out there that my clients have no idea about that can meet many of the objectives of deer management.  Some are innovative ways to meet management goals that would not be thought of normally.  I can research these opportunities for you or give you ideas that you can research on your own.

This list in not all-inclusive and I am consistently coming across new ideas and strategies through my extensive network of peers in the hunting and food plot industry. I prefer to do consulting pre-work using Google Earth prior to coming to your property and have found this helps increase the number of ideas and reduces wasted time – I’m much more familiar with your property when I arrive for the consulting visit.  I also provide phone consultation on many of the topics that do not require travel expenses such as supplemental deer feed analysis or soil sample analysis.

Please give Don a call at 888-917-4637 if you are interested in having me come out and work with you!