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We have developed an Online Store that will make ordering and paying easier than ever.  One thing to keep in mind when ordering.  If you are going to be on a delivery route, you need to cancel automatic shipping calculated by weight.  To do that, just enter this code in the Checkout screen - H90HPZQVTMGD.  That will zero the shipping out.  You will then go to the Product labeled Shipping and select the delivery amount I give to you by email or over the phone. As always, don't hesitate to email or call us at 888-917-4637 if you have any questions.  Without further wait, here is the link to our brand new store:

We have a complete set of herbicides that cover ALL your property herbicide  needs including  Pre-Emergents, Post-Emergents, Perennial sprays, Generic Arsenal, and all of the 
additional chemicals that you need like surfactants and enhancers.  These are all ag grade herbicides with low per acre costs.  And if you get them shipped on a pallet of seed or delivered with your seed, you save lots of money on shipping! ! See the picture to the right for a look at how our Trifluralin pre-emergent and Fomesafen post-emergent really helps to control pigweed in Eagle soybeans - you can see the distinct line of application to the left side of the field and non-application to the right side of the field (closest to camera view). Look at all the pigweed on that right side!  

Our always popular Eagle Soybeans are a Roundup Ready plant meaning you can spray 41% glysophosphate on the plant while it is growing to kill the weed competition in the plot.  This also makes it easy to keep a clean plot which allows overseeding in the fall with turnips, rape, radishes, and small cereal grains that will germinate right on top of the ground for a year round plot out of one planting.
For those folks in northern areas that want to ensure bean pod production, we do have bushy ag bean varieties available to fit your geographic areas so just call to ensure that you get the correct variety. 
Remember that Eagle soybeans sell out fast so order your beans early - we are asking all of our customers to try and meet an early order date of March 1 to ensure availability. Call 888-917-4637 to order.
A couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing Eagle soybeans.  #1) You must have a Grower License Number from Monsanto - go to agcelerate.com if you don't have a grower number.  #2) You need to apply soybean inoculant when planting these beans.  Here is the cheapest and easiest place to purchase soybean inoculant and each of these covers 6 to 7 bags of soybeans:
It's obviously a long way until next deer season but we wanted all of our customers to know about our new hunting stand and shooting house products as you get ready to install these type of products over the spring and summer on your property.  We have hunted out of Family Tradition stands for over 15 years and find them to be the most comfortable, best designed, and longest lasting hunting stands on the market.  There are cheaper but as most things in life - you get what you pay in quality.  We carry their Double Ladder Stand, 360 Degree Single Ladder Stand, Single Tripod, and Double Tripod models.  Check them out at the Online Store for more information.
We are very excited to be the exclusive distributor for Monster Blinds shooting houses and Monster Protein Feeders. These come from a family based American manufacturer and the quality really stands out in these stands. They are all-steel construction and come with a 20 year structural manufacturing warranty.  DBW Outdoors invested in a tilt/hoist trailer specifically designed to install these stands efficiently but they can be installed with a sky lift or other rental equipment if you want to install yourself. The picture to the left is a 16 foot platform that we installed recently on a customer property in Alabama. If you are interested, make sure to give us a call to discuss installation and delivery options.

The Monster Protein Feeders are also all-steel constructed and a very good value compared to other roto-molded hard plastic feeders that are similarly priced.  Hard plastic feeders are still very susceptible to squirrel damage and sun damage over time.  Steel protein feeders last a lifetime and are much more durable to move around as the Monster Protein feeders come with skids that make transfer a snap.  For those that are seeking a more economical steel feeder check out our 450 pound galvanized feeder at the Online Store - it is not built on skids but light enough to move around easily.

Make sure to check out the Online Store often for any new products or special sales.  As always, please don't hesitate to email or call us at 888-917-4637 with any questions.  Thanks for your loyal business - looking forward to a great 2015!