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Shooting Houses/Treestands/Feeders

Shooting Houses
We are proud to carry the finest hunting stands in America. We offer two lines of shooting houses – all steel Monster Blinds by Texas Wildlife Supply and fiberglass models by Extreme Outdoor product. Both lines of stands have glass windows, steel platforms, carpeting, built-in shooting rails, and insulation. DBW Outdoors can install either stand and platform with a specially designed hoist trailer as demonstrated in the video below:

Monster Blinds come with a 20 year warranty and are priced approximately $2,000 cheaper than other high end steel stands. The Extreme Outdoors shooting houses are made of fiberglass and offer a lower cost alternative if you want a super nice shooting house at a lower cost. Installation can be quoted with several options so give us a call at 888-917-4637.
We anchor all shooting houses down with a steel anchor set in concrete with steel cables and turnbuckles for maximum safety. We also set concrete footers under the ground for the steel feet to sit just below level ground which reduces rust and increases structural integrity from potential bumps by UTVs, tractors, etc. down the road.

Shooting Houses

Hunting Stands
DBW Outdoors also carries the best ladder stands and tripods on the market made by Family Tradition. You cannot buy these stands in a big-box store because they are extremely high quality and very picky about their dealers. We have hunted out of these stands for over 10 years and they are extremely comfortable and heavy duty built. We carry the double ladder stands, single sniper 360 degree swivel seat ladder stand (one of our favorites), single tripod with roof, and double tripod with roof (another one of our favorites).

W e also offer custom installation services for the Family Tradition products that are custom done and increase structural integrity and longevity of your stands. Installation may cost more but it is well worth your time. There is a minimum installation charge so you want to order as many Family Traditions as possible at a time.

Hunting Stands

Protein Feeders
There are 3 feeders that we recommend after being in the feed business for so long. The first option is a 450 pound galvanized feeder that is great for smaller properties. We have a protein starter program where we can ship 4 of the galvanized feeders on top of a pallet of Antler Boost feed. The galvanized feeders must be put together once you receive them.

The other two feeders are both manufactured by Texas Wildlife Supply that manufactures the Monster Shooting Houses and are all-steel one piece construction on skids. They come in a 1000 pound mode and 2000 pound model. Both models have 4 protein tubes and are heavy duty built for many years of feeding.

Protein FeedersProtein Feeders