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7-Way Organic Insecticide

DBW Outdoors is the exclusive distributor of 7-Way Organic Insecticide in the wildlife market.  We identified this product as a safer alternative to poison insecticides/pesticides – so safe that you can also use it on your personal gardens to control pests.  It will not harm young wildlife that are susceptible to poison chemicals and you do not need an applicators license to apply.  This is the only truly organic multi-use insecticide on the market.

7-Way Organic Insecticide


7-Way is a multi-purpose insecticide that helps control both underground, crawling, and flying pests.  DBW Outdoors saw the great potential in this product for controlling three of the biggest threats to food plots – army worms in the fall, nematodes in the spring, and leafhoppers in the summer.  Both Auburn University and the University of Georgia studied it’s efficacy on nematodes and found that it killed up to 80% of the nematode population on the applied area.  Another study by an independent crop agency found that it killed thrips as effectively as the leading poison insecticide on the market.

7-Way Organic Insecticide


Nematodes are the silent killer of legumes – especially where they are perennially planted or planted every year. Yes, some seed varieties are labeled as nematode resistant but there is some serious concern as to how resistant they remain over multiple years of exposure.  Beyond nematodes, other pests can affect legumes including leafhoppers which eat the leaves of the legumes.  7-Way provides a great tool to battle these pests that can inflict crippling damage on your food plots.

Pests attack other crops besides legumes.  Army worms are the most common pests in food plots especially in the fall and can destroy a food plot to the bare dirt in just a matter of a week – one week your plots are up and the next weekend you come back and you have nothing.  7-Way is a great insurance policy to combat army worms.And the nice thing about 7-Way is it is very systemic and will last up to 60 days in the ground and in the growing plants if it is incorporated into the dirt at planting.  If you no-till, you will get better coverage if you apply to the top of the ground at planting just prior to a rain.

7-Way Insecticide works by disrupting the digestive and reproductive systems of the pests – therefore it will not cause the pests to drop dead immediately – keep that in mind when observing the progress of the treatment.  It will take several days for the pests to be suppressed or eliminated.  The time factor is one of the reasons we strongly recommend applying at each planting as an insurance policy against pests.  Most poison pesticides/insecticides are non-systemic and will not last as long as 7-Way.

There has also been some evidence that 7-Way will combat rust damage on cereal grains over winter which is another example of damage not related to legumes.  You will see healthier plants and healthier plants always take on drought better and require less fertilization.  Make 7-Way an integral part of your planting plan!
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7-Way Organic Insecticide7-Way Organic Insecticide