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As they say good things come to those who wait – it took us several years but we are proud to announce that we have what we believe is the strongest lineup of food plot herbicides available for your entire property.  By waiting and searching further we were able to identify more cost effective food plot herbicides than what is currently being promoted in the wildlife property market.  The lineup of herbicides will change as we continue to search for the best available food plot herbicide products so make sure to check the link at the bottom of this page from time to time.  Here are the primary food plot herbicide products and a description of each:



Fomesafen – Broadleaf control in soybeans.  Top 3 herbicide for pigweed control in Roundup Ready crops so don’t think that other herbicides aren’t effective in Roundup Ready fields.  Low cost per acre for application.

Imazapic – Only one of two broadleaf control food plot herbicides (Raptor is the other other) labeled for Chicory and also labeled for legumes like clover and alfalfa but strip check on your legumes before proceeding with entire fields.  Can be used as a pre-emergent on perennial fields unlike any of the other food plot herbicides.  1/3 the cost of other food plot herbicide labeled for Chicory.  Needs our 90% non-ionic attractant – do NOT use crop oils of any kind on Chicory.

Glyphosate 41% – Generic Roundup that than can be sprayed on any Roundup Ready crop.  Most effective when tank mixed with our RackVantage Plant Stimulant.

Clethodim – Most effective grass killer on the market.  Can be sprayed on any legume and also Chicory.  Use our Methylated crop oil for greater effectiveness except on Chicory – cannot spray crop oil on Chicory.

Trifluralin – Pre-emergent herbicide that really helps with Johnsongrass. Works on a large range of crops and controls many pesky broadleaf and grass weeds.

Imazapyr – Non-selective herbicide for property management that is generic version of Arsenal.  Spray your roadsides as well as timber stands to remove undesirable tree species.

When choosing who you purchase your herbicides from, keep in mind that DBW Outdoors offers something that no other food plot herbicide retailer in America offers – 24 hour a day customer service.  You won’t get stuck on hold like other companies and we will answer our phone on weekends and evenings when you are on your property with a problem or have a question.  Just call us at 888-917-4637 if you have a question about any of the products or to order.